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How to choose the right dog collar?

How to choose the right dog collar?

Did the desired puppy appear in your life? Are you picking up your adoptive tomorrow? Or is the old collar just loose and a new piece is urgently needed? But what is this collar? What size? And for how much?

Do not panic. The doggie Dobra Rada is already giving the necessary info in the topic :)

How to choose a dog collar?

How to choose a dog collar?
If you are wondering what collar will be right for your pet - the answer is simple - comfortable and well-fitted. Aha - and still fashionable; really cool and colorful :)

The collar is one of the basic dog accessories. It is necessary for the education, control and safety of the pooch. Connects to a lanyard. Dog + collar + leash + human = four inseparable walking. We attach not only a leash to the collar, but we can also attach a key ring, a medal, an addressee or a bow tie.

There is a very large selection of models, types and colors on the market - choose and choose! But choosing a collar is not that simple; each Dog needs a different collar depending on its weight, size, bone and muscle structure, strength and temperament. The age and condition of the pet, as well as ... the length of the hair, are also of great importance when choosing.

Types of collars

  • Collar with adjustment, fastened with a metal buckle - it is best for large-size dogs, strong and capable of strong jerks. The buckle and adjuster look like a belt, but are usually made of more durable and durable materials. A solid finish and strong stitching should withstand heavy loads. Perfect for Bull type dogs. Before buying, we advise you to look for opinions about the chosen product or check the quality in person in the store. If such a collar failed, e.g. in a public place or on the street, on a large and strong dog, it would be difficult to control the situation.
  • Collar with adjustment, fastened with a plastic buckle, allows for trouble-free, quick fastening and unfastening if necessary, it is light and universal, it will work well in dogs of medium and small breeds as well as in puppies - just click and go! In the case of such collars, the quality of the buckles is of key importance, it is better to choose the frost-resistant, snap-on and branded buckles, e.g. Duraflex buckles
  • Collar with a metal buckle - not so light anymore, but it can be very attractive, e.g. a collar with a rose gold-colored buckle is the dream of every stylish female dog
  • The clamping collar is intended to teach the dog to obey on a walk. It tightens around the neck when the animal starts to pull, and if it does not stop at this sign, it tightens until ... The use of such a collar is therefore not a good idea, especially in the case of active and temperamental dogs. The animal is often driven by impulse and may, during a sudden escape or other strong jerk, choke and seriously damage its cervical spine or thyroid gland, and even simply suffocate!
  • The half-clamp collar with variable circumference is a gentle version of the clamp collar. It works by signaling an undesirable behavior only up to a certain point, its clamp can be determined by regulating the circuit. The range of operation of the half-clamp is limited by metal parts. Clamp and half clamp collars are behavioral collars and we recommend that you consult your veterinarian or behaviorist before using them. Certainly, the best way to learn how to pull your dog off is training and positive stimuli such as relish!
  • Collar with a soft finish - fleece, felt, neoprene. Intended mainly for puppies, to facilitate their adaptation, and small dogs with a delicate build and sensitive skeletal system. If you think that your pet belongs to them - think about whether you really want one? Remember that the extra layer of fabric will make the collar thicker and heavier.
  • Collars made of lines and strings, often plaited, knotted, joined in various ways; can be very attractive, but you need to check if they will not cut into the skin of the neck?
  • Metal collar; made of nickel-plated links connected to each other, it can cause allergy and stain the coat ugly. A special case of such a collar is the choke collar, which hurts and even hurts - we do not recommend it.
  • Chains of all kinds - they look beautiful. Unfortunately, for dogs of longhair breeds, they are not recommended as they can twist and pull out the coat. Rather, they perform representative functions, used, for example, at exhibitions.
  • We say no to glowing and flashing LED collars! An Asian gadget bought by owners with no imagination. It would seem that a dog "happy" with such an ornament is indifferent. Nothing could be more wrong. Imagine yourself with a blinker around your neck that you can't break free. We do not recommend it - unless you want to lead your pet to psychosis. Besides, who is normal to let the dog loose in the dark?
  • GPS information collar. It can be used if there is a risk of the dog getting lost in vast, unknown or difficult terrain. It allows you to track the fugitive. However, the purebred owner tries to keep an eye on his pet!
  • Collar with information, with the Dog's name and address. Such a collar gives high hopes for finding the dog in case of loss.
  • A warning collar with the word "stay away". Usually, these types of gadgets are used in Dogs that have trouble making contacts with other representatives of their species. In order for such a dog aggressor to be recognizable from a distance, we buy him accessories in yellow - this color has become an unwritten symbol of a potential dangerous behavior on the part of a dog.
  • Electric collar, or electric shepherd on the neck of an animal - bought by deviants who abuse their dogs - definitely NO!
  • Collar against parasites such as ticks and fleas - it does not interfere with the collar of everyday use. Once worn, it should be worn around the dog's neck until the end of the period of operation provided by the manufacturer. Requires contact with the skin of the quadruped and may not fulfill its function in long-haired and shaggy animals. Don't worry, however - droplets, shampoo and tablets are just as effective in deterring unwanted insects.



Check out our offer of half-clamp collars

What are the collars made of?

  • Leather is a traditional material that has been used in animal haberdashery for many years. Well-preserved and impregnated, it may serve for many years, but the one that is not of the best quality may wear and warp. Currently, natural leather for ethical and technological reasons is being driven out of the market by equally functional plastics and leather-like products.
  • Cotton is eco, but products made of it can soak up water and "dog" secretions, so they should be washed often, which in turn causes rapid fading of the material and wear of metal parts
  • The webbing, most often made of plastics, provides flexibility and durability. It is an excellent material for modern dog accessories. The collar made of such a tape is waterproof, and the colorful print on it is practically non-washable
  • Imitation leather, eco leather, mixtures; in a wide range of colors, they bravely replace their older sister, but the durability of such collars has its limit

How to choose a collar in the right size?

Collar length

To choose the length of the collar to the circumference of the dog's neck, we do not recommend estimating it by eye. You should measure the dog's neck with a tape measure or a string and then put it on the measuring cup. On the basis of the downloaded dimensions, we try to choose a collar. Usually, in the case of an adjustable collar, the description includes the range in which it can be adjusted. Please note that the circumference of the dog's neck before and after the visit to the groomer is different :)

The two-finger rule is the best method to check if a collar fits properly. you should follow it when choosing the circumference of the collar, so that it does not choke the dog and does not allow it to easily free itself. How to apply it? When adjusting the collar, place two fingers freely between the neck and the collar. This is a quick method of assessing the fit. You can check from time to time if the collar is loose or not pinching the dog's neck by placing two fingers between the dog's skin and the collar.

The collar should be well adjusted so as not to hang sadly from the dog's neck - it is easy for him to free himself then. Too loose can wear the hair. On the other hand, a tightly adjusted collar may interfere with breathing and swallowing food.

The width of the collar

Collar width is usually estimated based on the distance over the two cervical vertebrae of the dog. A collar that is too narrow may cut into the skin. Too wide can cause discomfort and annoy the pooch. For small breeds such as Maltese, York, Chihuahua, Jack Russell Terriers, we recommend collars 1.5 - 2 cm. For breeds from 10 to 20 kg, e.g. Westie, Pug, Beagle, the collar should be 2.5 cm wide. For breeds over 20 kg boxer, labrador, golden 3 - 4 cm. For greyhounds, the collar can be up to 5 cm wide.


It is very easy to attach a universal bow tie to the collar!



Using the collar

The newly purchased collar should be tested in a friendly fenced area. If something seems suspicious, it is better to replace it immediately. The most important thing is the comfort of our four-legged friend and if something does not suit him, the owner will quickly find out.

The dog should not wear the collar all the time. If you are at home or in a private and safe place, it makes no sense for the collar to stick around your pooch's neck. We take it off absolutely at night. Skin and hair must rest. A collar that is not removed from your dog can cause inflammation, abrasions and burns.

Sometimes your shaggy friend has a gusty character and likes to pull hard. All the loads resulting from the pull and weight of the dog are transferred to the neck. In order to avoid possible complications, such as damage to the cervical vertebrae or the thyroid gland, we recommend purchasing a shock-absorbing collar with a layer of neoprene or fabric. You can also consider replacing the collar with a more comfortable and safer harness.

If you are looking for a puppy collar, never buy it out of shape, the gear must always be well-matched to do its job! Softly finished and delicate collars are recommended for a puppy. Some breeders believe that you can get your toddler used to wearing a collar by putting it on after a few weeks of life - then any problems with learning to walk on a leash are smaller.

You should consider buying a collar for dogs that usually have respiratory problems, i.e. for brachycephalic breeds. These include: French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Pug, Boxer, Japanese Chin, Boston Terrier, Pekingese, Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Elderly and sick dogs can also experience breathing problems. The collar may additionally restrict such dogs' access to air. Perhaps harness will be a better solution for walks?

The collar should be cleaned and washed according to the recommendations given by the manufacturer, depending on the needs - when it is dirty or gives off an unpleasant smell. If you are walking your Dog in the rain, in some "outside" puddle - mud bath, or at any time if your dog's accessories are exposed to water, they should be cleaned and dried immediately. If you press a wet collar into a corner, there is a good chance that the metal parts will rust and the equipment will be thrown away.

Remember to check the collar wear over time. If you can see that the threads are loose, unraveling, or visible chafing - it is a sign that it needs to be replaced with a new one. It is better to do it in advance to avoid it breaking or tearing when walking. Regularly check the strength of buckles and fittings.

Stilvolles Designer-Halsband

In recent years, Psia Moda has gone a long way. No more plain-colored, boring accessories. The dog must look good! Along with the development of online sales, the attractiveness and access to the offer have increased significantly. Producers try to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customers. There are whole collections of fashion accessories for dogs on sale. However, we warn you against buying Asian trash, which looks beautiful, but the quality leaves much to be desired. We recommend domestic, Polish accessories, always with a guarantee of originality and quality. When choosing a new collar, of course, we suggest you follow your own taste, but we suggest that the color, character and temperament of the dog are also important in this case. If you want to cause the WOW effect at the sight of your pet, and envy the nearby walkers, we invite you to buy a collar in our online store!





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